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What else can we do at Wild Flower Camp?

We have crafted your itinerary in order for you to get the most out of your experience with us although we want you to feel that you have time to relax and take in your new discoveries.

If you want to pull away and go on your own adventure while glamping out in the veld, there are plenty of other exceptional things to do...

  • Explore the flowers on your own

  • Listen to the call of the African fish eagle from your private luxury tent

  • Marvel at the canopy of stars at night

  • Relax with a good book - or enjoy an afternoon nap

  • Go for a long walk around the farm

  • Go for a drive and visit the small town of Hope field

  • On a wet or windy day - read, play scrabble or chess, chat with new friends and enjoy a glass of red wine in the comfort of our camp lounge

  • Go for a refreshing swim in the Berg river

  • Re visit the Kersefontein farm yard

  • Write a poem or paint a landscape

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and revel in the peace and quiet